Saturday, June 21, 2014

Virtual Reality

I had the most interesting virtual experience today! 

I belong to an online discussion group.  We are an eclectic group from all over this country, Ireland and England.  This means quite a diversity in time zones.  We discuss books, cooking, life, philosophy, pets and anything else that crosses our thoughts.

Today was our England member’s birthday.  Early in the week I proposed we have a party today and I offered to bring champagne, lemonade, iced tea (sweet and non) and asked one of our other members to bring the cake (she makes cake pictures with punctuation and symbols).  Everyone took to the idea immediately and started offering other items they could “bring.”  There was quite an assortment of dishes and shared recipes, decorations and even an offer to make dogs from balloons if someone else could blow up the balloons..  And because so many people had other commitments today, I suggested we make the party an open house so people can come and go instead of all meeting at the same time.

The day dawned with our birthday girl pronouncing the fun she was having with the champagne and the cake – after all, she is 5-8 hours ahead of most of us.  Throughout the day I checked in on the forum and discovered that everyone was indeed having a marvelous time at the “party.”  All discussion was in the present tense and it was so inventive, it felt like we were all together, eating, drinking and dancing.  Yes, there was even music!

Everyone agreed it was the best party ever.  Now, this was my first experience with an alternate reality but I found it quite intriguing.  I think it stretched my imagination.  I haven’t played “pretend” for over 50 years.  It got me to thinking – how would it be to make a virtual quilt?  A quilt solely out of descriptive words. 

Of course, it probably works best with a group.   Anyone game?

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