Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Quilter's Summer Vacation

Whew!  What a month this has been!

My husband and I set out on a car trip odyssey that took me to some amazing places where I got to see and do some amazing things.  I had a ball!  I am exhausted!

 One of the many serendipitous occurrences was when we had made a right at Pueblo, CO and headed toward Durango, CO.  At about lunch time I saw a road sign that indicated we were VERY near La Veta, CO.  Well, any quilter worth his/her salt KNOWS what that means!  This is the home of RICKY TIMS!  So my husband agreed to make a little side trip - after all, it was lunchtime! - and we headed off the highway for the 5-mile trip to La Veta.

I'm not sure what that picture under the sign represents, but my take on it is "don't make noise!"  So I didn't.

La Veta is a charming little town.  I think the main part of town is all of 9 square blocks, if that much.  There were galleries and restaurants and a few people strolling along.  It was a Sunday afternoon so it was quiet.  Rich made me inquire at one of the open galleries as to where Ricky Tims' studio is located.  This was very hard for me.  I am reticent about being a "fan."  (I never even screamed over the Beatles when I was 14!)  So I asked.  But I also asked for a recommendation for lunch.  We were told where the studio is (just around the corner) and directed to the Dog Bar and Grill.  Isn't that an intriguing name?

Cuchara, CO is a tiny community tucked in the mountains just a short ride down the road from La Veta.  Indeed, on the patio, almost everyone had a dog with them for lunch!  I think someone mentioned there are about 70 people who live in Cuchara year-round.  But lots of people have homes and come for a little rest and relaxation.  We were chatting with a guy up from West Texas.

After lunch, we stopped by Ricky's studio.  No one was there, of course.  I really don't think he encourages visitors, anyway.  But it is an interesting building just off the main street.


I especially appreciated the wrought iron work.

In Durango, CO I visited the Durango Quilt Company.  The ladies in there were very friendly.  And you can't miss the building for the vivid color!  Look how it matched the sky that day.

I hope you have a chance to visit sometime.  It is a very nice shop.

Later in the week I visited the Quilts, etc and Quilts, etc etc.  This is a shop(s) in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City.  Quilts, etc is on the corner.  When the building across the street on the other corner became available, they expanded and called that building Quilts, etc etc.  Again, very nice shops!

Want to hear something funny (but sad)?  The night before we left on our trip, I ran around and organized a stitching project to take along to work on in the hotels in the evenings.  I carried that bag in and out of the car.  I never opened it - just too tired!  I keep taking projects to work on when I travel and I never actually do any work!  But I just know if I failed to take something along, something bad would happen!

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