Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Was Just Thinking

Recently I read a blog by Kelly Ashton (Kelly’s QuiltingBlog) that got me to thinking.  Kelly recounted her discovery of another Kelly Ashton.  The “other” Kelly, while a member of the visual creative world, was not a quilter but an, er, “adult entertainer.”

This got me to thinking.  I wondered how many other Kathy Delaneys are out there and what do they do?  So I did the Google dance and discovered something quite interesting.  (Yes, I was gleeful to see that I was at the top of the list!)  As I scrolled down the list of Kathy Delaneys I discovered that each one of us listed is creative and, many, award winning!  Now, isn’t that interesting.

What is it about the name Kathy Delaney that it is so consistently attached to creative people?  Or is it only the creative Kathy Delaneys that make it on a Google list?  These are all very deep questions but the only really important question is, “Are there any Kathy Delaney porn stars?”