Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Painters, Quilters, Color

I went to an art fair and met a painter by the name of Kathy.  (I’m tellin’ ya, there is something magical about the name Kathy and how it correlates to creativity!)  We got to chatting about her work.  She asked if I paint so I explained how I used to work in oil and now I work in fabric.

Kathy told me of her first experience of going on a Shop Hop.  She was so taken by how visual quilting is and how colors are used.  She got so excited by it, in fact, that she, while not actually making quilts, is rather quilterly in her color choices.  She loved the idea of choosing a focus fabric and then pulling colors from it to create a painting’s pallet, something quilters do regularly.

Kathy teaches and says she now uses the exercise of choosing the focus fabric and coordinating fabrics as one of her ways to teach color to her painting students.  Isn't that an interesting concept!


  1. I'm not a Kathy but I'm a quilter and I agree, we are so stimulated visually that we erupt into Quilts.

    1. Lady, I love how you put that. "erupt into quilts" Excellent phrase! Thank you for the comment!