Friday, November 8, 2019

I have to do this, but I’d really rather be doing that!

As I mentioned, I went to Quilt Market in Houston last month. This is the trade show where shop owners go to see what is new and trending in the quilt industry.  This is where they find just what YOU will want as you visit their shops!

Well, I found plenty to bring home myself. I got so many ideas and so inspired!  Now I am stuck.  I really WANT to do some of the projects I brought home, but I have so many I NEED to get done before that I am frozen.  My studio is such a mess that I can’t really find anything.  I have several quilts that a finished but for the binding and several more that need labels.  I have several deadlines looming. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, so there are menus to prepare and gifts to decide on (let alone shop for).  Where to start?! 

How do you manage your time? Do you make lists?  Do you set “hours” for specific activities?  

Yeah, I guess I really should go try to make sense of the studio so I can then make a list and prioritize and get the calendar out and make a schedule.  When you’re right…you’re right.  

Thanks for listening (reading).

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sometimes You Never Know!

A week ago I was at International Quilt Market in Houston, TX.  For those of you who don't know, Market is THE trade show where quilt shop owners, teachers, designers come to find out what is new in fabric, notions, patterns and anything else you can think of that is related to the business of quilt making.  It is an exciting place!  I love to go to Market to see what is new, meet up with other quilt professionals and shop what might be interesting to my students for future workshops.  It is there where creative juices can get flowing.  A week ago, my quilt world might have just shifted.  I'll keep you up to date as I progress.  This is what I wrote to share with you last Monday, the last day of Market:

You know?  Some day you're perking right along, feeling fine about decisions you have made and someone says to you, "No, you're selling yourself short and you should ... instead" and a light suddenly goes on and you SEE a different path that totally wakes you up to a new journey?  Yeah, that happened to me today!

So, stick with me and let's take this journey together!  I can't wait!  2020 is going to be very different from 2019!