Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday Throws Me Back to Germany

So, I've noticing the Throwback Thursday fun.  It made me think of my teaching experience in Germany a few years ago.  I was going to be in Germany to visit my older son and his wife and someone arranged for me to teach a workshop in Saulheim at the Sanger Halle.  Participants included American quilters as well as quilters from France, South Africa, the Netherlands and France. 

The Sanger Halle reminded me of the VFW Halls.  We were in the upper (main) level and it consisted of two rooms; a large room looked like it was for dancing or programs.  The other room seemed to be the bar.  We met in the bar.

The day began with my showing slides of my quilts and that was followed by a lovely soup luncheon with wonderful homemade breads.  The lunch was served by a lovely German couple.  I think she probably did the cooking and he was the person who was in charge of the Sanger Halle. 

The workshop I taught was my “Not Your Grandma’s Appliqué” workshop.  While the participants were from all over, I had no problem communicating with them.  They all understood and spoke English, which was a good thing as I didn’t speak anything but English.  Everyone was very attentive and seemed to be having a wonderful time.


Half way through the afternoon, we were served a variety of cakes.  In addition there was wine!  Never had wine served at a workshop before or since.  Getting back to the workshop and my demonstrations, I soon discovered our hostess, after cleaning up the cake treats, had joined us and was looking over my shoulder very attentively – she almost had her chin on my shoulder. 

All of the ladies were so much fun.  Next to seeing my son and his wife and getting the news that I was going to be a new Grandmother, teaching this workshop was the highlight of my trip!

This is Marie.  She presented me with the most adorable crocheted holder for my thimble.

This is everyone!  This is in the entry of the Sanger Halle.  Notice the trophy cases.

Hey!  Throwback Thursday IS kinda fun!

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  1. Nice post for Throwback Thursday. Nice photos! I would love to have sampled the soups, breads and cakes. Sounds delicious.